Company Profile

Southern Valve Service was founded in September 1976 to meet the demand, which grew out of the valve shortages of the 1970s, for valve service work. The company's initial growth can be attributed to an effective sales effort and strong overall market conditions. However, it quickly became apparent that customers were searching for shops offering better quality work and more responsive service to fulfill their repair needs.

Management became convinced that, if Southern Valve Service transformed itself into an organization able to accommodate this portion of the market that demanded quality work and responsive service, the company and its customers would reap the benefits in a rapidly changing market. With quality as the overriding objective, the period since 1980 has been a time of restructuring in order to facilitate the market demand of increased output and quality.

With restructuring came growth, increased commitment, and business success. The timing of Southern Valve Service's commitment to adapt itself to fit the market coincided with the petrochemical industry's increased demand for quality in products purchased, services required, and data identifying the root cause of valve failures. The commitment to meeting customer expectations has accounted for our success and has confirmed our belief that this is the only way we should conduct business.

Southern Valve Service will always remain appreciative of suggestions that improve our performance and result in increased customer satisfaction.

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